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Waning pertussis immunity in England/Wales, and bad reporting in Australia

A new study has come out from the UK, assessing the case for the National Health Service adding an adolescent booster of the pertussis vaccine to the schedule. I’m sure many of us in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, … Continue reading

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The Anti-Vaccination Network’s talk at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Yes, She Actually Said That On the 25th of May 2014, the spokesperson for the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network (AVSN, formerly the Australian Vaccination Network), Meryl Dorey presented a talk, Vaccinations – Do They Really Save Lives? at the Healthy Lifestyle … Continue reading

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Whooping cough vaccination, pertussis and parapertussis: forty times more likely to be misunderstood?

Two Bordetella species of bacteria regularly cause the disease known as whooping cough in humans, Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis. Of the two, B. pertussis causes much more severe disease, with a rate of about 1 fatality per 125 cases … Continue reading

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Hepatitis B vaccine: Preventing cancer, except for when it’s not actually given…

One of the commentors over on the Australian Anti-Vaccination Network’s facebook page challenged the group’s president – Meryl Dorey – to comment on a hypothetical scenario as a way of discussing the utility of vaccination against Hepatitis B (Hep B). … Continue reading

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Has Whooping Cough Evolved Around The Current Vaccine? Reflections On The (Then) Current Scientific Evidence

Before reading this post be aware that as of April 2014 we now know that Australian strains of B. pertussis have largely lost expression of the protein whose variation is a key feature of this piece. An explanation of that study … Continue reading

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Meryl Dorey’s Talk at the Woodford Folk Festival – What’s in a Title?

As is quickly shaping up as somewhat of a popular issue within the Skeptiverse, Meryl Dorey (president of the anti-vaccine lobby group the Australian Vaccination Network) will be giving a talk at this year’s Woodford Folk Festival. This fact has … Continue reading

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